NBNW Fam: Sarah Elizabeth Chawla

Launching the first in  a series of features on NBNW family across the world- creators, artists, trailblazers. Who they are and what makes them move.


What are you upto?

Co-founder at The Wild City and Magnetic Fields Festival 

Where the photo was taken and what were you doing there?  

This picture was taken at my parents farm in Wiveliscombe, England, where I grew up. I was trying to catch a chicken for a quick cuddle but I'm losing my touch now.

Who took this photo?

My brother's girlfriend: Verruty Anne Cherrez

Mangoes or coconuts?


Fanta or Mirinda?


Words or photographs?


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

This changes on a daily basis - today my superpower would be the ability to manipulate time.