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NBNW Fam: Richard Wyndham


What are you upto?

I am a film maker. Unfortunately mostly 30 second commercials but clawing my way into narrative films.

Where was this photo taken and what were you doing there?  

Hanging outside the NorBlack NorWhite studio chilling with some kids.

Who took this photo?

The lovely Shreya Dev Dube

Mangoes or Coconuts?

Mangoes all the way, fuck bounty bars!

Mariah Carey or Toni Braxton? 

Mariah Carey purely for the fact that she demands to be called dolphin by her close friends

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunset because it's more appropriate to have a drink at 6pm rather than 6am.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To be Wolverine