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NBNW Fam: Sarah Fotheringham


What are you upto?

Co-founder & designer at home ware brand Safomasi

Where was this photo taken and what were you doing there?  

My boyfriend's hometown, a village near Panipat in Haryana. We went to visit his family. The buffaloes are theirs.

Who took this photo?

My boyfriend Parvat, a.k.a Maninder Singh a.k.a the MaSi in Safomasi

Fanta or Mirinda?


Sunset or Sunrise?

I like the idea of sunrise, but rarely wake up in time ;)

Dosas or parathas?

Dosas. Unless it's a malabar paratha

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I'm with the other Sarah on this one - I want to manipulate time too!