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NBNW Fam: Mandovi Menon


What are you up to?

Co-founder/Editor at Homegrown

Where was this photo taken and what were you doing there?

I was doing a shoot for my friend Kichu's jewelry at Bandra Fort. It was a little distracting, there were a surprising number of college students making out there at 6 am who we had to avoid in the frame. Got to admire their dedication. 

Who took this photo?

Rhea Baweja, one of my photography/writing interns at the time. 

Mountains, ocean or desert?

Desert. But only so that I can eventually have a mirage and the mountains and ocean can appear as well. Death by dehydration, what what. 

Magical Meal Memory?

This question is from Satan. My first ever Sadya, though I don't remember when it was. Coffee and a cigarette followed by a breakfast burrito in bed someone spoiled me with not so long ago. And just about any breakfast with my sister next to me on a beanbag, in front of shitty television. Makes me nostalgic.

The world needs more... Nothing. It's abundant with everything we need if we just reduced some of the awful shit instead. 

The internet is... just a medium. To do all the things we did before it and all the things we'll continue to do after it. 

Favourite city in the world


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation. Or being able to understand and communicate in every single language there is and has ever existed. 


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