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NBNW Fam: Nupur D'Souza

What are you up to?

I work with high school kids and am trying to shape a more conscientious generation of young Indians.

Where was this photo taken and what were you doing there?

The old Goa Medical College building in Panjim. I was attending the Story of Light Festival in Goa.

Who took this photo?

Bikki Gill the Jiminy Cricket in my life. a.k.a B(Fucking)FF

Mangoes, coconuts or watermelon?


Dosas or Parathas?

Parathas yaar!

Magical Meal Memory?

Didn't know this person could cook, and what a breakfast cook he was! By the end I was tipsy (read: food delirium) on plain OJ in shot glasses for the first time ever. Predictable food coma that progressed to total hibernation followed.

The internet is... made of putty, perfume and slime.

Favourite city in the world?

I want to say Delhi. But what do I know.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?