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NBNW Fam: Joanna Duarte

Where in the world is this photo taken?

City Hall in Toronto, Canada - screw face capital of the world and the most underrated city.

What are you working on right now?

Hustling to improve local governance during the day, creating art at night.

Home is... where there is a community that helps you celebrate the highs and grieve the lows.

The internet is... a blessing when you use it to connect, and not disconnect.

Style is... color, flow and freedom.

A go to song when I'm feeling blue is... Otis Redding "A change is gonna come"...then when I stop crying, I rebuild to any classical salsa jam

One of my favourite ways of expressing myself is... dance, "lo mas sublime para el alma divertir" (the most sublime way for the soul to enjoy itself) 

Peace is... when you stop striving, and start being.

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