Party for One

By NorBlack NorWhite | Mar 3, 2021

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of looking beyond black and white. Nabi, a 3-D illustrator, designer and embroidery artist, definitely understands how colour brings things to life!  We've crossed paths with him a few times in Delhi, and shared big laughs and a genuine appreciation for the fun in fashion (or the lack of it). His give-no-fucks approach, artistry, playfulness and extensive use of sequins and colours make us happy.
We asked Nabi to bring his style, creative direction and cute self to our studio to be photographed, eat cake, and spread some joy with our team. Here’s what went down! Hopefully we can visit his studio in Guwahati soon.

NBNW: What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?

N: I used to love collecting dead insects and beetles and arranging them in an orderly fashion.

NBNW: What’s your favourite snack?

N: French fries.

NBNW: How did you start experimenting with textile and fashion?

N: I think for every kid it starts in their mothers wardrobe. My mom had an extensive collection of sarees and traditional Manipuri garments. Anime also played a major role in developing my love for fashion and my personal visual identity.

NBNW: What’s the intention with your work?

N: I think scale and details are the most important aspect of my work as an embroidery artist, to realise the scale of our existence and how insignificant we are and build a better world for all and live in a happy place full of love and magic.
NBNW: Which artists and/or designers initially got you inspired to create?

N: I was automatically drawn towards colour, magic and technique, so artists and/or designers like Christian Lacroix, Kenzo Takada, Hieronymus Bosch, Hayao Miyazaki, Katsuhiro Otomo and many more.

NBNW: Why do you love sequins?

N: I like the idea of creating worlds and at large by doing so connect with the greater spirit and magic of the universe. Sequins are the closest thing on earth that has the ability to reflect light and shine and connect that sense of cosmic entanglement that we are living called life.
NBNW: What role does colour play in your life?

N: Colours are corporeal beings with their own traits and uniqueness, each reflecting a certain emotion or sin within ourselves, unifying to become a spectrum of wholeness. It teaches me that some days I will be happy and loved and some days I will be angry and mean and these various versions of me come together to form me.

NBNW: Do you feel represented in visuals, imagery and content currently coming out of India?

N: I do not feel that my world or aesthetics have any connections to any country or any place for that matter, but it freely exists and floats in this metaphysical bubble of love and magic that is created by me.

NBNW: What are you excited about for 2021?

N:To make new friends and cherish the ones that nurture me and understand me on a much deeper level than just me being NABI.

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