DIY | Natural Dye for Fabric with Onion Peels

Save your onion peels to make pretty things.

By NorBlack NorWhite | Apr 13, 2020

Whether it’s Sunday or lengthy lockdown, anytime you are cooking up with savory onions, you can save the peels. Onion skins are the easiest available food waste source which happen to yield a spectrum of beautiful colours ranging from liquid yellow-gold, sunset-orange, nutty-browns to olive or chartreuse green.

From caramelized onions to it being a foundation in many forms of Indian cuisine, to learn that it also shares beautiful colours with us turns up the respect level for this special staple.

Before we dive into creating our own natural dyed fabrics, there are few things we need to take care of. The fabric needs to be prepared by mordanting and  scouring of the fabric, to absorb in the dyes properly to give rich and long lasting results. 

Inspired by India,
made for the world.


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