NBNW x Bephies Beauty Supply (BBS)

 What Real Collaboration Can Feel Like.

By NorBlack NorWhite | Mar 9, 2021

You know those people that you don’t even have to say much to in words but they understand everything through the feeling, that’s how we feel about Bephie. This is the first of many a collabo with Bephies Beauty Supply, a beautiful and necessary space that was founded by Beth Birkett. In part, of a desire to involve community in the tangible elements of culture by highlighting unique brands founded by WOC artists and entrepreneurs who are redefining beautify and fashion as vivid, powerful and individual.

Bephie, NorBlack NorWhite, Handmade Textiles, streetwear, Square Shirt, Dress, Dip Dyed, Hand Dyed

Inspired by India,
made for the world.


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