Saying no to gender violence

By NorBlack NorWhite | Apr 12, 2022

Shakti Shalini is an NGO based in Delhi, India that supports survivors of gender and sexual violence, and works with communities to prevent everyday violence towards women. Their ideologies are formed in opposition to wide-spread and dominant discourses of patriarchy and gender discrimination that affect all frameworks of society whether legal and economic or pedagogic and familial.

Response Program is their primary program. Shakti Shalini’s Response Program has been active since 1987 and it refers to the support services we offer to survivors of gender and sexual violence. The following two projects make up the response program:

Crisis Intervention and Counseling Center (CICC), Delhi

CICC is Shakti Shalini’s first point of contact for adult/ child survivors of gender/ sexual violence. CICC provides a helpline service, counselling, crisis intervention/ rescue support, physical/ mental healthcare, legal counselling/ litigation aid, family planning/reproductive healthcare, shelter home, rehabilitation/ reintegration (support in availing educational/ earning opportunities, housing, travel, etc.) and follow-up. Access more information about this program here.

Pehchan, Shelter Home for Women in Distress

“Pehchan”, connoting “identity”, is Shakti Shalini’s shelter home for women in distress. Women, often with children, travel from all parts of India in search of a safe, secure, and supportive space at Pehchan.

All cost of living of the women and children (food, sanitation, medication, travel, clothes, etc.) and of upkeep of the home is borne by Shakti Shalini. The residents are regularly provided computers, cutting and tailoring, beauty culture, and English. Creative sessions including theatre, poetry, dance, film-screening, painting, art and craft are regularly conducted. Access more information about this program here.


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