A true story.  

By NorBlack NorWhite | May 22, 2020

Often overlooked because of the hyped mighty Orange to provide your daily dose of Vitamin C, this tiny faded greenish Indian gooseberry aka AMLA is a force to be reckoned with.  

She’s tiny, fierce and provides a shit tonne of benefits to name a few:

  • A smooth provider of easily absorbed Vitamin C
  • She’s ANTI-inflammatory
  • Supporter of improving your eye/vision health
  • Agent of antioxidant
  • A wonderful friend for hair growth and strength
  • Bff with IMMUNITY

She can be eaten raw, pickled, candied, in daals, powdered, oiled, juiced and really any which way. Be gentle with her consumption so we don’t lead to over-farming the amla like a lot of her super fruit friends. If you live in a place where Amlas grow, try and remember her when making your grocery list. If you live far away from the homelands of the Amla (INDIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH) maybe try her out occasionally and keep her on rotation! Or plant an amla tree so you can can unapologetically eat an amla a day to stay healthy OK!



Inspired by India,
made for the world.


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