Big Ups: Kunal Lodhia

NorBlack NorWhite, Kunal Lodhia
Kunal captured here wearing his NorBlack NorWhite Ikat Varsity, NYC.

Part of WETHEPPL collective, Kunal Lodhia aka Engineer Bhai wears many different hats, from web genius to illustrator to throwing the best dance parties, GRIME RIOT DISCO. He's also the co-founder of Magnetic Fields Festival  in Rajasthan, the best alternative festival in the country showcasing Indian and international music acts. 

NorBlack NorWhite, Kunal Lodhia, GRD, Magnetic Fields Festival

An OG favourite, Kunal worked his magic on the NorBlack NorWhite website as well. We poked him to answer a few questions about his work in between his manic schedule.

What's been a design project you've been most proud of in the last year?

I recently launched a tech company and we've designed an app called UACTIVE.  I've done tons of web UI/UX but this was the first real mobile application that I got deep into the design of. The app is both social and fitness oriented and because we haven't launched yet (expected in Nov) I can't really say much of what its about. But check it out soon!

Obviously, the other design project I'm all about is Magnetic Fields Festival. From designing and coding the website to sketching up the stages and visualizing the festival environment - it feels dope to see your vision come to life. We have a ridiculous team to make these dreams a reality. 

Source: www.magneticfields.in

What's the most challenging and exciting thing about building a music festival from scratch in India?

The most exciting part is being the first to do something and have people recognize it and appreciate it. Watching a community form feels like magic - and when the right people come together and bring the right intention it feels more than a festival. 

Who's a dream artist you'd love to host at Magnetic Fields?

I would love to host a band like AIR or Radiohead- imagine that in a courtyard at a palace! or have Kaytranada host a small party in the dungeon of the palace.. BOOM! (It will happen!)

How does India inspire you and what do you want to contribute to contemporary Indian culture, from a global perspective?

India inspires me to be resourceful...to hack (some call it jugaad). I'm growing tired of hearing what India isn't and what it doesn't have - from a global perspective - it actually can be anything you make of it.  It's also difficult to say what I want to contribute to contemporary Indian culture because a lot of what we do now is a global mashup and in a way bringing inspiration from all over the world to India.  However, what we are doing now is showcasing the best of Indian music at the same level of curating our international artists . Our goal is to have people across the globe talking about artists they saw perform at Magnetic Fields who were full Indian and say "I wish they were playing at Bestival or Glastonbury or Coachella this year."

NorBlack NorWhite, Kunal Lodhia's India Instagram Images
Source: Kunal Lodhia's Instagram @kizeesmack

What was the last thing that made you Laugh Out Loud?

There were 3 recent LOLs of varying intensities. In order of intensity:

1. https://instagram.com/p/9KTqMMBhQs/?taken-by=youtubewtf

2. Harper getting kicked out as the PM of Canada

3. https://instagram.com/p/8_3cijhhS9/

What do you love doing in your down time? 

I've really got deep into yoga practice and I meditate when I can. I'm also always trying to discover new music - which as actually really time consuming. but again that's the thing about working for yourself - you never feel like you have downtime. 

NorBlack NorWhite, Kunal Lodhia, Ikat Shirt
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