Lil' Ladies Nesting Dolls [Green]

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Who doesn't love a family of nesting dolls? We get mushy inside when we see the worlds iterations of this classic format so obviously had to design our own! Welcoming these sweet little hand painted wooden ladies. A compact family of 4 who live inside each other.

The Nesting Doll is made by Kannachari, 80 years old artisan based in Etikoppaka, Andhra Pradesh - the village is focused on making of wooden dolls, however he is the only one still carving and making such nesting dolls. The dolls are carved out of soft wood, with no real measuring device in place, the makers use a small log of wood to carve the hollows of the dolls, which is also why there are small holes in the wooden structure. Once, the base is constructed, the dolls are then hand painted, baked and applied with coats of naturally derived lacquer to each doll.

Process : Handcarved & Handpainted

Delivery :  7 days from date of order! Please note: If the item is purchased along with any NBNW style, the delivery timeline will be 3 weeks from date of order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at

Content : Wood and Laquer Colour

Love + Care : Wipe with a Clean Cloth

Nesting Dolls Dimensions : Outer & Largest Piece: Height: 13.5cm, Top Circumference: 16cm, Bottom Circumference: 15cm

For all sizing related queries, please reach out to us at



Inspired by India,
made for the world.


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