Loud and Proud Shirt

In Joy

$160.00 USD

Easy Breezy Monsoon flavoured button down shirt, for the summer days when it all just gets a little tooo much. Here's your Shirt form reminder to keep it slow and chill, always.

Made in bamboo that is derived from the bamboo plant, each shirt is first hand folded into a square, the ends of which are then tied and dip dyed by our dyers in Delhi. You know the drill, handmade everything so no two pieces ever look identical!

Colour : Orange, Pink & White

Models' Height & Models Wear :
Image 1: Model is 5'10.5 and wears a M
Image 2 : Model is 5'7 and wears a 2X
Image 3 : Model is 6'1 and wears a M
Image 6 : Model is 5'9 and wears a M

Delivery : 2-3 weeks from date of order as this piece is handmade and hand dyed. We'll of course try to whip it up as soon as possible. Once it's shipped, we'll share the tracking details with you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at shop@norblacknorwhite.com.


Fabric : Bamboo
Love + Care : Dry Clean only.

Loud and Proud Shirt Sizing :

*All measurements in inches. 

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.Since all our styles are made to order, we’re happy to adjust measurements up to 6 inches for you with no additional costs. 

For alterations beyond 6 inches there is an additional $15 cost to accommodate the usage of the extra fabric being used.

For any design/sizing changes that require us to construct a new pattern, there is an additional $35 cost to account for the additional time and resources.

For all sizing and custom queries, please reach out to us at shop@norblacknorwhite.com.

Hoping that your NBNW fits like a dream!



Inspired by India,
made for the world.


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