Bandhani Beginnings ✂️


Inspired by our travels and committed to showcasing elements of what caught our eyes in the everyday wear of those living in the Kutch region, we mixed the traditional lookbook images with some stylized shots in front of our studio backdrop that we hand-painted.

Our first collaboration with the Bandhani brothers–Aziz and Suleman Khatri, we were charmed by the stories, people, culture, state of transition and everything Indian when we made this collection. The Khatris of Kutch are endowed with creating stunning colours on fabric, through Bandhani (the tying and dyeing of fabric), while the nomadic Rabaris express their story and art through the cross-stitches on their wear. From embroiderers to the beading, the barren desert to the gulf extremes, Kutch is a land of creators. And this collection pays tribute to its spirit.


Big Love To,

Our Photographer: Prarthna Singh
Our Model : Rachel Varghese
Our NBNW Team!


With Love


Textile + Process