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NORBLACK NORWHITE's philosophies develop from paying respect to the past, questioning the present and creating for the future. Raised in Toronto, Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar moved to India in 2009 to explore their Indian roots. Traveling across the country they were exposed to the many disappearing art forms and artisan communities. 

Having been featured in Wallpaper*, Asos, Fader, Fashion Television, I-D Magazine, Vogue India and Vogue Italy, they were also selected by Frida Gianinni (Ex - Creative Director of Gucci) as her favourite young designers from India 
for the Grazia Young Fashion Awards in 2012.

‘I like NORBLACK NORWHITE more than the others because I see more uniqueness and more originality in this label’s work. I liked how they’ve treated colour. Sometimes when you’re so young it’s not easy to understand tonalities. I love the fact that they have an exotic vibe. Colours, embroideries, the partnership comes well together. Knowledge and respect for their culture but in a modern way of course.'  

– Frida Gianinni.

Exploring the grey space, NBNW is partly an anthropological experiment, part art and part fashion.

Photo by Tenzing Dakpa (

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