Way Up ⤴️


NBNW’s first unisex collection – an ode to Ikat, gender-bending, and welcoming shapes – we loved creating this one with our Toronto fam. Especially since we got to cast many of our Toronto friends to really showcase the diversity and versatility of our sweet city! 

A mash-up of our love for geometry, symmetry and the process of handwoven textiles. Blurring classic and sporty silhouettes with fine textile detail, just the way it's meant to be. All the way up. With WAY UP, we wanted to introduce ikat in a new light. The intricate process of Ikat involves a resist-dyeing, hand-weaving technique, which can take up to 20 days of preparing a hand-loom to begin weaving just one design style.


Big Love To,

Our director and editor - Sammy Rawal
Our man with the tunes - Jahmal Padmore
Our DOP - Carl Elster
Our NBNW Team!

Our Models - Sammy Rawal, Yannick Anton, Mecha Clarke, Aneela Quereshi, JR, Michelle LeFade, Nana Yanful, Che Kothari, Gaurav Sawhney, Jahmal Padmore, Tiffany Naval, Kirsten Azan “Bambii”, Ryan Paterson, Liza Paul, Matthew Progress, Daniel Tal

With Love


Textile + Process