Velvet Vixen 💃🏾


Lady of the rainbow and sacred light, IXQUEL is the goddess of healing, and you could say this collection featuring discharge print on velvet, plus our precious sis Ixquel Sarin is inspired from her velvet vixen energy. Catch her sliding through Chandni Chowk, New Delhi early one morning with stealthy Che Kothari on the direction and camera in our lookbook video. Born from her Punjabi father’s roots mashed up with her mama’s Mexican, city of angels childhood, she moves through the streets like a G, thriving in the spiciest of gullies. A true velvet vixen if ever there was one. 

In true NBNW style, our lookbook video was shot with our 3-person team guerilla style, working with what we have, spreading love, leaving no trace, no fuss, low key. Over and out.


Big Love To,

Our Dancing Queen - Ixquel Sarin
Our Cinematographer - Che Kothari
Our Editor & Colourist - Joe John
Our Man With The Tunes - Madstarbase

With Love


Textile + Process