Holi Jouvert 🎨


Our Holi Jouvert dress is literally the holy grail of NBNW! One of our most popular styles ever, so we decided to debut a special series of free size, dip-dyed cotton dresses that could celebrate the colours of India’s Holi celebrations and Trinidad's Jouvert mornings.

Our collection lookbook was specifically stylised based on different characters and colourways, namely Bod Gyal Queen, Milkshake Ma, Marigold Mami, The Virgo Empress, Pisces Princess, Mehicana Madre and Brooklyn Boss! All shot and treasured on the streets of Bom-Bombay!


Big Love To,

Our Photographer - Karen Dias
Our Muse - Shweta Sharma
Our NBNW Team!

With Love


Textile + Process