Sharing is Caring

Giving back is integral to the values that make up the core of NBNW.  

We love to love. We love to share. We love to celebrate all those we love.

Here are just some of the ways we do that: 

- The artisans we purchase some products from also get a percentage of the sales we make.
- 15% - 20% of the sales of all Auntie shirts are donated to Shakti Shalini, a centre in Delhi that works with survivors of domestic abuse.
- The ‘Colonialism was a start-up’ T-shirt was made in collaboration with Somnath Bhatt to spark conversations about the colonial enterprise from the way it operates to the extensiveness of its entrepreneurial ideology, and to question how similar it is to the way tech start-ups act now.

    Here is another dream we are currently working towards:

    - Collaborating with Beam for our international site will allow our customers to pick charities of their choice. These charities would get 1% of their purchase amount.